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Stock Springs Ready for Immediate Delivery

stock springs

Select from over 25,000+ stock spring designs, ready to ship, with Lee Spring

What is a stock spring? Stock springs are springs manufactured in advance of an order, held in inventory and ready for immediate delivery. Lee Spring stocks more than 25,000 unique spring designs so there is always a wide range of stock spring types and stock spring designs ready from inventory. Stock springs are excellent for research and development, prototyping, fitment testing and also ongoing product manufacturing. Break a spring and need one right away to keep an assembly line running? Lee Spring can ship same day straight from one of our warehouses direct to you. Order a stock spring online 24/7 directly from the Lee Spring website. Not sure which spring you need? Review detailed specifications, product information, CAD drawings and pricing to determine what is right for you, fast and easy.

stock springs

Lee Spring stock springs are delivered with more value. From stock spring plating, passivation to grinding, Lee Spring includes everything you need and want in a stock spring design.

Lee Spring offers even more value on stock springs:
FREE Plating on all Standard Music Wire Stock Springs
FREE Grinding on all Standard Stock Compression Springs
FREE Passivation on 302, 316, & 17-7 Stainless Steel Springs
FREE CAD Downloads

Lee Spring carries a full range of stock springs:

Stock Compression Springs
Stock Extension Springs
Stock Torsion Springs
Stock Die Springs
Stock MIL-Spec Springs
Stock Wave Springs 
Stock Belleville Disc Springs
Stock Constant Force Springs
Stock Micro Springs
... and many more unique stock spring designs. 

Why Choose Lee Spring?

FREE Standard Ground Shipping

on Stock Springs in the Continental United States

FREE Plating

on all Music Wire Stock Springs

FREE Grinding

on all Standard Stock Compression Springs

Expert Engineering Assistance

on Stock and Custom Springs

Certificate of Compliance

on all Stock Springs and Custom Springs

Guaranteed RoHS Compliance

on all Stock Springs

Live Customer Service Support

at all Locations

Enhanced CAD Downloads

on Stock Springs Designs

Global Flexibility

allows Lee Spring to find solutions that meet your
geographic requirements wherever your business
takes you in the world