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Spring Guides


spring guides

Spring Guides, also known as coil springs, coil pipes, medical springs, cable sheaths, or outer jackets, are a long, slender and close wound spring often used to provide a flexible skeleton for assemblies. Lee Spring Spring Guides are manufactured using a process that produces even tension and precise spring guide coil alignment for your most exacting demands. Lee Spring Spring Guides are designed with a silky smooth surface, which translates into smooth operation of the device in which the spring guide is implemented.

Spring guides and coil pipes are utilized in a variety of applications including bicycle brake cables, biopsy forceps, catheters, other medical devices, and control cables within flexible boroscopes or animatronics. Spring Guides can be used as a reinforcing element either inside or over the top of a length of thin plastic tubing.

Spring Guides can be used as a protective covering to encase and guide guide wires, which are slender, flexible wires commonly used in medical procedures, industrial applications, and various other contexts. Here's how guide wire sheaths typically work:

Protection: One of the primary functions of the spring guide is to provide protection to the guide wire during insertion, manipulation, and removal. The sheath acts as a barrier, shielding the guide wire from damage that could occur during these processes.

Facilitate Insertion: Spring Guides are designed to have a smooth interior surface, which reduces friction and facilitates the insertion of the guide wire through other tight spaces. This helps ensure smooth advancement of the guide wire.

Controlled Movement: A Spring Guide allows for controlled movement of the guide wire. By providing a confined pathway, it helps to ensure that the guide wire follows the intended trajectory and reaches its target location accurately.

Ease of Removal: Spring Guides are typically designed to allow for easy removal once the guide wire has been positioned or the procedure is complete.

Flexibility: Spring Guides are designed to be flexible, allowing them to bend and flex as needed to accommodate the movement of the inner cables within the system. This flexibility is crucial for applications where the cables need to navigate around corners or through tight spaces.

Two Unique Spring Guide Designs – Round and Flat Wire:
Spring Guides – Round Wire: Available in stainless steel with Free Length ranging from 1.1” (28 mm) to 480” (12,193 mm).
Spring Guides – Flat Wire: Available in stainless steel with Free Length ranging from 9” (229 mm) to 240” (6,100 mm).
Flat Wire Spring Guides are manufactured using a process that produces a cross section with rounded edges so there are no corners to dig in as the spring guide is flexed. The flats give a smooth surface and the reduced wall thickness of the spring guide allows it to fit into a smaller channel.

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