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Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, free shipping is available for stock orders delivered within the Continental United States when the product order total is $40.00 or more.

Can I order just one spring?
Yes, you may order as few as 1 spring. Small orders with a total parts value less than $40 will incur a $20 handling charge. You can mix & match springs in any quantity to reach the minimum of $40 to avoid the shipping and handling fee.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.

Do you offer terms?
Yes, we offer an option to bill your account with terms of Net 30. Contact our Customer Service team for more information about terms and other credit details.

How can I check if a spring is in stock?
You may contact our Customer Service team at (888)-777- 4647 to find out immediate information on part availability.

Where do your springs ship from?
We have warehouses located around the world. Orders shipping to the United States or Canada will normally ship the same day from one of our US warehouses.

What is the charge to plate a stock music wire spring?
Free, all stock music wire springs are plated at no additional cost.

How much does it cost to passivate stainless steel stock springs?
Free, passivation is included at no additional charge on our stock stainless steel springs.

Do you charge for Certificate of Compliance on your stock springs?
Certificate of Compliance is provided on all stock springs at no additional cost.

Can I cancel an order I just placed on the website?
Due to the speed we fulfill your requests, we may not be able to cancel your order in time before your order ships. If you’d like to cancel your web order please contact our customer service immediately at (888) 777- 4647. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your request. If your order is already shipped, you can simply return it back.

How do I return an order?
Contact Customer Service at 888-777-4647 to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Returns may incur restocking charges.

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Why Choose Lee Spring?

FREE Standard Ground Shipping

on Stock Springs in the Continental United States

FREE Plating

on all Music Wire Stock Springs

FREE Grinding

on all Standard Stock Compression Springs

Expert Engineering Assistance

on Stock and Custom Springs

Certificate of Compliance

on all Stock Springs and Custom Springs

Guaranteed RoHS Compliance

on all Stock Springs

Live Customer Service Support

at all Locations

Enhanced CAD Downloads

on Stock Springs Designs

Global Flexibility

allows Lee Spring to find solutions that meet your
geographic requirements wherever your business
takes you in the world