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Lee Spring Expanding To Meet North American Manufacturing Demand

Brooklyn, New York (January 10, 2014) — Increased demand for spring products across North America has led Lee Spring to expand their existing Monterrey Mexico manufacturing facility. Lee Spring is adding 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space to their North American operations in January 2014. The primary reason for the expansion is to increase the factory floor space to house expanded manufacturing capacity and also make room for new high-capability equipment used to manufacture springs and wire form products. Additionally, the business operations, sales and engineering groups will move to a new expanded facility.

Lee Spring, a supplier of mechanical spring products to a diverse range of industries globally, finds the growth in forecasted demand as a good sign for manufacturing across North America. “Seeing demand grow for spring products from our diverse customer base which represent a wide range of industries, bodes well for manufacturing across North America” states Steve Kempf, Lee Spring Chief Executive Officer.

Lee Spring originally opened a manufacturing and sales operation in Mexico in 2003 to serve the domestic market in Mexico, Latin America and also US customers with cross border operations. “A number of our US based customers also have assembly and manufacturing operations in Mexico as well as engineering teams in Mexico.” says Kempf. “To best service our customers located in the United States and also to serve the ever growing Mexican and Latin American markets, we found that expanding our existing manufacturing facility in Nuevo Leon to be a logical fit for our customer base” Kempf continued.

Lee Spring has five manufacturing facilities in the United States as well as manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Europe, Asia and Latin America. “Overall we are seeing growth globally, and we identified the need for expanding capacity in North America as a priority” states Randy Marsters, Lee Spring Director of Global Marketing. “Customers often need a supplier that can support their Engineering and R&D groups in one part of the world and provide manufacturing and distribution to their supply chain in another. Lee Spring strives to have both Engineers and manufacturing capacity where they are needed to best serve our customers. Expanding operations in North America is a great sign for the future of manufacturing in North America” continued Marsters.

Lee Spring manufactures compression, extension, torsion and specialty springs, including both a line of 22,000+ stock catalog products ready for immediate shipment and custom springs made to customer specifications. Lee Spring also has a knowledgeable team of engineers ready to assist with the design process. With such a wide array of products filling the manufacturing pipeline to a very diverse range of industries, Lee Spring is in a good position to see where their customers are making investments in manufacturing and Engineering.

For further information from within the United States and Canada, email sales@leespring.com or call 1.800.777.4647. For further information from within Mexico, email ventas@leespring.com or call 1.800.110.2500, +52.818.308.770, or fax +52.818.308.7080.

About Lee Spring

Lee Spring is a global manufacturer of mechanical springs and related products. Lee Spring carries a line of 22,000+ stock springs and manufacturers custom springs made to customer specifications. Established in 1918, Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 certified company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY USA and has multiple locations in the United States, as well as locations in Mexico, Europe, China and India.

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