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Medical and Pharmaceutical Springs

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Choosing the Right Supplier has Never Been Easier

Lee Spring designs, engineers and manufacturers medical springs and pharmaceutical springs for all types of medical spring applications. The medical and pharmaceutical industry requires stringent quality, on time delivery and a manufacturer that can deliver the right part, on time and made to exacting and highest quality standards. Lee Spring offers more than 25,000 stock spring designs ready for immediate delivery from inventory, or custom springs made to the exacting specifications required in the medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

It’s hard to imagine a field where there is such a consistent need for unerring performance. That is why manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products choose Lee Spring for their medical springs. Lee Spring is a global leader in the spring industry with more than 100 years of experience. Lee Spring has been supplying quality medial springs to support advanced products and life saving devices used worldwide for decades. We support every stage of medical spring design, manufacturing and distribution. Rely on Lee Spring for medical springs from the R&D and prototyping process all the way through large-scale production runs.

Springs are used in various applications within the medical industry due to their ability to provide controlled force, motion, and support in medical devices and equipment.

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Spring Usage in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Surgical Instruments
Scissors and Forceps: Springs are used in surgical scissors and forceps to provide tension, allowing the instruments to open and close smoothly. This is crucial for precise and controlled cutting and grasping during surgeries.
Needle Holders: Needle holders often incorporate springs to maintain a firm grip on sutures and needles, making suturing procedures easier for surgeons.

Diagnostic Equipment
Blood Pressure Monitors: Springs are used in blood pressure cuffs to provide the necessary pressure on the arm, ensuring accurate blood pressure readings.
Dental Equipment: Springs are employed in various dental instruments and devices, such as retractors and orthodontic appliances, to apply controlled forces for tooth movement or tissue retraction.

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Medical Devices
Insulin Pumps: Springs can be found in insulin pumps to control the delivery of insulin to patients with diabetes.
Infusion Pumps: Springs are used in infusion pumps to maintain a consistent flow rate of medications or fluids into a patient's bloodstream.
Respiratory Devices: Some respiratory devices, such as inhalers and ventilators, use springs to control airflow, valve movement, or other critical functions.

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Diagnostic and Imaging Machines
MRI Machines: Springs are used in MRI machines to facilitate patient positioning and movement during scans, ensuring patient comfort and accurate imaging.
X-ray and CT Scanners: Springs can be found in various components of these machines, including the gantry, to control motion and positioning.

Rehabilitation and Mobility Aids:
Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices: Springs can be used in suspension systems or to provide shock absorption for a smoother ride.
Orthopedic Braces and Supports: Some orthopedic braces and supports incorporate springs to provide the necessary compression, tension, or support for the injured or affected body part.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment:
Tablet Press Machines: Springs are used in tablet press machines to control the compression force applied to form pharmaceutical tablets. Precise compression force is essential to ensure consistent tablet quality.
Capsule Filling Machines: Springs are employed in capsule filling machines to maintain consistent pressure during the capsule-filling process, ensuring uniform and accurate dosage.
Packaging Machinery: Springs can be used in various pharmaceutical packaging machinery to ensure proper sealing, labeling, and counting of medication.

Laboratory Equipment:
Analytical Balances: Springs are used in analytical balances and scales to provide the necessary tension for precise weighing of pharmaceutical substances.
Sample Handling: Springs can be used in equipment used for sample handling.

In the medical industry, the design and selection of springs are crucial to meet specific requirements such as biocompatibility, sterilization compatibility, precision, and durability. Springs must also adhere to strict regulatory standards and quality control to ensure patient safety and reliable performance in medical applications.

Need a specialized material or finish for your medical spring application? Lee Spring can manufacture springs to exacting standards and can help support your design team in selecting the right material and finishes for your specific medical or pharmaceutical application. This includes unique items such as stock springs made from type 316 Stainless Steel, to custom medical springs made from highly advanced materials required for very specific applications. Work with an experienced Lee Spring Engineer from design through delivery.

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From Start to Finish, Lee Spring has the Custom Capabilities You Need!

  • Quality and Experience in the Medical Industry
  • Application/concurrent engineering staff
  • Regulatory expertise including RoHS, REACH and DFARS
  • Proof of concept methodologies
  • CAD assisted product design, drawing and modeling
  • In-house prototype production services for rapid turnaround
  • Global supply chain network for both production and distribution
  • Blanket agreement and consignment inventory management capabilities
  • Short and long production run capabilities
  • In-house tooling production including EDM
  • Proprietary integrated quality control system
  • Extensive experience working with Aerospace/Military specifications (AS9100), automotive specifications (TS16949) and FDA Trial Support (21 CFR Part 820)
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system
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The Lee Spring Catalog has been an industry staple for decades and is an excellent resource for any engineer, buyer or spring user. This easy to use catalog has over 370 pages and includes more than 25,000 products, detailed specifications and product pricing.


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