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The Aerospace and Military industries demand precision and perfection, durability and reliability, standardization and customization. It's hard to imagine a field where there is such a consistent need for unerring performance. Lee Spring understands the requirements of the Aerospace and Military Industries. For more than 100 years, Lee Spring has been supplying quality springs to support products in the most critical and severe conditions. We are an approved supplier to many of the world's top Aerospace and Military OEM's, subcontractors and distributors who benefit from Lee Spring's experience working within the most stringent quality and regulatory constraints.

aerospace industry

Lee Spring can manufacture custom springs to meet unique design parameters, exacting tolerances and regulatory compliance including ITAR and DFARS. From material selection through design and testing, Lee Spring's experienced engineers are available to support your project. Lee Spring can supply the best quality products from prototyping through full production runs. In addition, Lee Spring stocks millions of springs in inventory including the full range of MS24585 and MS24586 MIL-SPEC Springs - ready to ship.

aerospace industry

Lee Spring supplies the best quality components for the Aerospace and Military Industries.

Springs are used in various applications within the aviation industry due to their ability to store and release mechanical energy, provide damping, and support various components and systems.


Spring Usage in the Aerospace Industry

Landing Gear Systems: Shock absorber springs: Landing gear systems on aircraft use springs to absorb and dampen the impact forces during landing. These springs help cushion the landing and provide a smoother experience for passengers and cargo.

Control Surfaces: Control surface springs: Springs are used in control surfaces like ailerons, elevators, and rudders to provide the necessary tension and resistance for pilots to control the aircraft's movement. They help maintain the desired aerodynamic forces and ensure precise control.

Aircraft Doors: Door actuation springs: Springs play a role in opening and closing aircraft doors, including passenger doors, cargo doors, and emergency exits. They assist in the smooth and controlled movement of these heavy doors.

Cabin Seating: Seat suspension and recline mechanisms: Springs are used in aircraft seats to provide comfort and flexibility for passengers. They allow seats to absorb shocks and vibrations during turbulence and offer adjustable reclining features.

Engine Components: Valve springs: In aircraft engines, springs are used in various components such as valve springs, which help control the opening and closing of engine valves, ensuring proper engine operation.

Instrumentation: Shock-mounted equipment: Sensitive instruments and avionics equipment inside the aircraft cockpit are often mounted on spring-loaded shock mounts to protect them from vibrations and sudden impacts.

Safety Systems: Emergency systems: Some emergency systems, such as fire extinguisher releases and emergency oxygen masks, may use springs to deploy quickly and reliably in critical situations.

Cargo Handling: Cargo nets and tie-downs: Springs can be used in cargo restraint systems to absorb and distribute the forces exerted on cargo during flight, ensuring it remains secure.

Wing Flaps and Slats: Springs can be used in the deployment mechanisms of wing flaps and slats to control their extension and retraction, which helps enhance the aircraft's aerodynamic performance during takeoff and landing.

Aircraft Maintenance: Maintenance procedures often involve using specialized tools and equipment, such as spring-loaded pins or clamps, to securely hold or position aircraft components during inspections and repairs.



In all these applications, the choice of springs is crucial to meet the specific requirements of the aviation industry, including weight, durability, reliability, and performance under various environmental conditions. The proper design and maintenance of springs are essential to ensure the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations. 

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The Lee Spring Catalog has been an industry staple for decades and is an excellent resource for any engineer, buyer or spring user. This easy to use catalog has over 370 pages and includes more than 25,000 products, detailed specifications and product pricing.


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