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Lee Spring Announces 2017 Catalog Release and Product Expansion

Brooklyn, New York (January 31, 2017) — Lee Spring today announced the release of their expanded 2017 product line in conjunction with the release of the 2017 Lee Spring Catalog. Lee Spring adds over 1,800 new products for 2017 and now offers more than 25,000 stock spring designs. These products are available in stock and ready to ship from Lee Spring locations around the world.

Lee Spring’s global operations serve a wide and diverse range of customers including an expanded presence in Europe. To support demand for DIN range products, Lee Spring has introduced the DIN-Plus Series, a range of compression springs built on the DIN2098 Part 1 and 2 specifications, but with added corrosion resistance. The Lee Spring DIN-Plus Series has enhanced corrosion resistance, including passivation for the stainless steel range and zinc plating for the spring steel range. The DIN-Plus Series adds over 500 new products to the Lee Spring line.

Steve Kempf, Lee Spring CEO, states, “The new 2017 Lee Spring Catalog offers an expanded range of springs which are offered by all of our locations around the world. We have added to our size ranges, material options and offer products in line with various specifications around the world, which also include both imperial and metric sizes. This expanded range of products allows us to offer a comprehensive selection of springs right from our inventory for fast delivery around the world”.

Lee Spring continues to look for ways to offer better corrosion resistance in all spring ranges, including compression, extension and torsion type springs. In 2017, Lee Spring has added more Stainless Steel 316 springs, which are available off the shelf and ready to ship therefore bypassing the need for custom spring design, quoting and manufacturing. The ongoing expansion of Stainless Steel 316 adds more extension and torsion spring offerings to Lee Spring’s existing wide range of compression springs available.

The 2017 Lee Spring Catalog remains an important engineering and buyer’s resource for all types of springs. This year’s catalog now contains more than 380 pages of parts, specifications and pricing. Lee Spring stocks a wide range of springs for immediate delivery and custom springs are available, along with engineering and technical support. To request a free 2017 Lee Spring catalog, visit leespring.com or call 888-777-4647.

About Lee Spring
Lee Spring is a global manufacturer of mechanical springs and related products. Lee Spring carries a line of 25,000+ stock springs and manufacturers custom springs made to customer specifications. Established in 1918, Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 certified company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY USA and has multiple locations in the United States, as well as locations in Mexico, Europe, China and India.

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