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Custom Quote - Custom Wire Forms

Our Expert Engineering Staff can work from your
drawings, specifications or part samples. Call
for information, fax your specifications to
0118.977.4832, or send specifications to: Lee
Spring Limited, Latimer Road, Wokingham,
Berkshire RG41 2WA England.

Lee Spring Bends Over Backward -
and Sideways and Any Way We Can - to Meet
Your Wire Form Requirements.

Most springs have a helix or spiral shape consisting
of a group of coils while wire forms normally do not.
Wire Forms typically are parts made from wire that
is bent to have specific angles and lengths. “Spring”
is our last name but our extensive experience and
comprehensive custom capabilities extend to Wire Forms,
Stampings and Fourslide Parts.

Design Engineering
Lee Spring’s World-Class Engineering Team will apply
their expertise to assisting you with your Wire Form needs
from conception and throughout the design and manufacturing

The cost of creating wire form prototypes has considerably
decreased thanks to advances in CNC manufacturing technology.
Lee Spring’s Engineering Team will work with you to ensure that
your wire form parts meet your spatial requirements. We can produce
prototypes as part of our concurrent design process. Frequently,
prototypes can be changed and produced in minutes, saving time and
costly design errors.

Wire forms often are stress-relieved during production. This helps ensure that a part’s dimensions remain within required tolerances. Stress relieving streamlines the overall manufacturing process, lowers total production costs and helps ensure the component’s reliability.

Material Shapes
Lee Spring produces custom wire forms manufactured to your exact specifications. We can produce wire forms out of almost any material shape, including:

• Rolled Round
• Flattened Round
• Rectangular
• Shaped

Dimensional Parameters
Wire Diameters: .010” - .236” / .254 mm - 6 mm
Maximum Finished Length: 60.0”/ 1524 mm

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