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Custom Quote - Custom Fourslides

Our Expert Engineering Staff can work from your drawings,
specifications or part samples. Call for information, fax your
specifications to 0118.977.4832, or send specifications
to: Lee Spring Limited, Latimer Road, Wokingham,
Berkshire RG41 2WA England.

Fourslide Parts - A Simple Solution to Complex Stampings.
Lee Spring can reduce part cost, accelerate product delivery,
and streamline quality assurance with an integrated stamping
and forming operation called fourslide. Fourslide production
has low to moderate tooling costs and produces accurate
repeatable parts.

If you use flat springs, brackets, clips, flat terminals,
or any stamped and formed metal components your parts
may be natural candidates for fourslide. We can custom
tool your intricate metal parts from flat strip material or
from drawn or rolled wire.

What is a Fourslide Part?
A fourslide, also known as a four-slide, multislide,
multi-slide, or four-way, is a metalworking machine
tool used in the high-volume manufacture of small
stamped components from strip or wire stock.
The press is most simply described as a horizontal
stamping press that uses cams to control tool motions.
The machine is used as an alternative to progressive
or transfer stamping operations.

What is the Fourslide Advantage?
The greatest advantage of the fourslide machine is its ability to complete all of the forming operations required to produce a part from start to finish economically. It can handle certain parts that transfer or progressive dies cannot, since it can manipulate from four axes. Because this process requires less machinery, setups, and handling, the cost of the finished part is reduced.

Lee Spring produces our own quality tooling, minimizing downtime. A fourslide machine can usually produce 1000 to over 4000 finished parts per hour, depending on the number of operations per part; this speed also will generally result in a lower cost per part.

The application of fourslides is usually limited by the material stock formability rather than the machine capabilities. Usually the formed characteristics and bending radii are the most limiting factors. The most commonly used materials are:

• Low-Carbon or High-Carbon Cold Rolled Steel
• Type 300 and 400 Stainless Spring Steels
• Copper Alloys including Beryllium-Copper
• Bronze Alloys, including Phosphor Bronze

Dimensional Parameters
Strip Width: .010" - .500"/ .254 mm - 12.70 mm
Strip Thickness: .003" - .125"/ .076 mm - 3.175 mm
Wire Diameter: .005" - .187"/ .127 mm - 4.750 mm

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