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 Lee Spring
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History of Wire Forms and Specialty Springs Manufacturer Lee Spring

Since 1918, Speciality Spring Manufacturer Lee Spring has set the standard for quality, product range, service and value. Our commitment to continuous improvement supports your spring requirements and responds to your future demands.

 Lee Spring
Lee Spring
1918 Lee Spring founded by Robert Lee Johannsen on Union Street in Brooklyn NY.
1921 Moved to 347-351 Classon Street, Brooklyn NY with expanded capabilities.
1931 Lee Spring’s New York facility moves to 30 Main Street in Brooklyn NY.
1963 Lee Spring publishes first Stock Catalogue with 1300 products!
1966 Lee Spring opens Bristol CT plant.
1978 Lee Spring Limited opens as Lee Spring’s distribution facility in the United Kingdom, servicing Great Britain and the European market.
1981 Lee Spring’s Greensboro NC plant opens.
1982 Lee Spring’s New York plant moves to 62nd Street in Brooklyn NY.
1984 Lee Spring’s Tempe AZ plant opens.
1985 Lee Spring’s St. Charles MO plant opens.
1999 Lee Spring’s Arizona plant moves to Gilbert AZ.
2003 Lee Spring de México opens in Monterrey México, servicing México and Latin America.
2003 Lee Spring receives ISO Certification.
2004 Lee Spring de México receives ISO Certification.
2005 Innovation- we are the first spring company to certify RoHS compliance on all Stock Springs.
2006 Innovation- the industry's first Type 316 stock spring offering of over 3000 designs introduced.
2006 Lee Spring ISO Certification is renewed in all locations.
2007 Lee Spring Company (Shanghai) Ltd. opens as Lee Spring’s distribution facility in China, servicing the Chinese and the Pacific Rim market.
2008 Innovation- unique LiteTM Pressure Compression Springs line introduced.
2008 Lee Spring’s Global Headquarters and New York manufacturing operations relocate to a state of the art facility at 140 58th Street, Brooklyn NY in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal.
2009 Lee Spring ISO 9000 Certification renewed
2010 Innovation- the revolutionary LeePTM Plastic Compression Spring line introduced.
2010 Innovation- unique BANTAMTM Mini Compression Springs introduced.
2011 Innovation- 3000+ MIL-SPEC springs added to stock offering, responding to Aerospace and Military market.
2013 Lee Spring Company India Pvt. Ltd. opens in Bangalore, serving the Indian Sub-continent and the Asian Middle East.
2014 Innovation- High Pressure Compression Spring line introduced.
2014 Lee Spring opens in Halver, Germany.
2015 Innovation- LeePTM Plastic Composite Spring awarded US Patent.
2016 Lee Spring expands German operations to Lüdenscheid, Germany.
2017 Innovation: DIN-PLUS Compression Series introduced.
2018 Lee Spring celebrates 100th Anniversary.
Lee Spring
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Lee Spring
Lee Spring
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Lee Spring

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