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Place an order in four Easy Steps
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Lee Spring Step 1 - Login
You must be a registered user to order online. Click here to register, otherwise proceed as follows:

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Lee Spring Step 2 - Choose Parts
Lee Spring has designed four easy ways to find the parts you need. Take your pick:
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Lee Spring
A) Shop by Part Number
If you know the Lee Spring part number
   B) Shop by Specifications
to find Lee stock item(s) that match your specific needs
   C) Shop By Catalogue
to browse through the online catalogue of all Lee Spring’s parts
   D) Shop by Cross-Reference
if you know the stock code from another spring catalogue
Lee Spring
Lee Spring Click on the part number for detailed specifications, CAD Downloads and pricing. Enter the desired quantity & Add to Cart.

Lee Spring
Lee Spring Step 3 - Review, Change and/or Save an Order
At this point you should have a shopping cart with items in it; you can proceed directly to checkout or:
• To Continue Shopping, click on the appropriate drop down menu on the left side of the screen.
• To Remove Any Item(s) from your shopping cart, click on “Remove from Cart”
• To Change a Quantity, enter new quantity amount and click on the Update Quantity button.
• To Save Your Order, click on the “Save Into” drop down menu and choose “New”.
  Enter the name you wish to assign to this order and click on the “Create” button.
• To Retrieve a Saved Order, click on the “Restore From” drop down menu and choose the appropriate order.
• Your saved order will come up and you can proceed to review, amend or place your order. This is useful to restore either
  an unplaced order or to duplicate previously placed orders.

Lee Spring
Lee Spring Step 4 - Check Out
Now that you have finished shopping, you can check-out as follows
• In order to check out, your order must have a minimum of 5 of the same Lee Stock Number per item ordered and a £30.00
  or €40.00 minimum order applies. Prices for orders of less than £30.00 (€40.00) are subject to a shipping and handling
  fee of £12.50 (€15.00 ). This is charged at Lee Spring's discretion.
• Click on the “Check out Now” button to proceed with your order.
• Review of the contents of your cart and click on the “Continue with Check Out” button.
• Verify addresses, re-enter email address and click on “Continue with Check Out” button.
• Enter appropriate shipping and payment methods and note any additional requirements or special instructions and click
  on the Continue with Check Out button.
• After one final review of your complete order, click on the “Place Order” button.
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Lee Spring That’s it! An order confirmation number appears with the ability to print a copy of your order.  You will also receive a confirming email shortly. Lee Spring
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