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Lee Spring Material Specifications

• Music Wire per ASTM A228, DIN 17223, BS 5216, EN 10270-1 or JIS-G-3522
• Stainless Steel Type 301/302/304 OR Type 316 PER ASTM A313, A666, AMS A5906, DIN 17224, BS 2056, EN 10270-3 or JIS-G-4314; Type 17-7pH per AMS 5529
• Oil Tempered MB per ASTM A229, DIN 17223, BS 2803 or EN 10270-2
• Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon per ASTM A401, DIN 17223, BS 2803 or EN 10270-2
• Elgiloy per AMS 5833 (Chemical Only)
• Beryllium Copper per ASTM B197
• Material specification may vary or be subjected to change.

Music wire is a common high-carbon steel alloy used for spring manufacture. It is cold drawn and offers uniform tensile strength. Music wire springs are not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 121° C (250° F)   Music Wire is highly magnetic.

Stainless Steel Type 302 exhibits good corrosion resistance for all applications. Lee Spring passivates all Stainless Steel Stock Springs to remove contaminants and improve resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel springs are not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 260° C (500° F). Type 302 stainless steel is slightly magnetic. Surface of stainless steel may have a residue of nickel on the surface. This is normal and will not affect the function of the part.

Stainless Steel Type 316 improves corrosion resistance with the presence of molybdenum and decreased carbon content. Lee ultrasonically cleans all Type 316 Stainless Steel Stock Springs including a passivation finish process. Type 316 resists chloride attack and is often selected for use in marine atmospheres. Like other 300 series stainless steels Type 316 is not recommended for applications where the temperature exceeds 260° C (500° F). Type 316 may be slightly magnetic in spring temper.

Elgiloy® is a Cobalt-Nickel alloy known for its high strength, e.g. 10% stronger than Type 316 Stainless Steel. It exhibits superior resistance in most corrosive environments including acetic acid, ammonium chloride, citric acid, sodium chloride and sodium sulfite. This material performs well in temperatures up to 850° F. Elgiloy® is non-magnetic. Applications include medical devices, pharmaceutical delivery devices, petro-chemical processes, aerospace and marine industries.

HEFTY™ Die Springs are manufactured using either Music Wire or Chrome Silicon.

Stress Relief All springs are stress relieved to remove coiling strains.

Plating All Lee Music Wire and Oil Tempered Standard and Heavy Duty Stock Springs are zinc plated in accordance with specification ASTM B633 Class Fe/Zn 5 Type III (.0002” thick with clear chromate) and baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief. All Lee Music Wire Instrument Compression, Extension and Torsion Springs are furnished zinc plated or based on using pre-coated tin or pre-coated zinc wire at Lee Spring’s discretion without supplemental zinc plating. All Lee Music Wire Continuous Length Extension Springs are furnished with a light oil coat.

All Lee Spring Stainless Steel Standard and Heavy Duty Stock Springs or Instrument Series Springs are passivated in accordance with specification ASTM A967 (supersedes QQ-P-35).

Nickel Plated Music Wire and Silver Coated Beryllium Copper
Lee Spring manufactures its unique line of Battery Springs in a choice of nickel coated music wire or silver coated beryllium copper.

Since most alkaline batteries have nickel coated containers, a nickel coated contact is suitable. The use of similar materials removes the possibility of galvanic corrosion and aids in wear resistance. Nickel will also tend to wipe and aid in breaking down the oxide that can form on the battery contact surface. In addition, a nickel coating will provide general corrosion resistance and is a good conductor of electricity.

Beryllium copper is among the hardest, strongest, and most wear-resistant of copper alloys. Silver coating further enhances electrical and thermal conductivity. The electric conductivity is 65 to 70% that of copper, and the strength and fatigue resistance are comparable with higher beryllium alloys. The light silver-plating allows for easy soldering. Beryllium copper is corrosion resistant in various environments, and is both non-magnetic and non-sparking.

Custom Spring Materials
Lee’ s Custom Spring capabilities include a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including a wide range of stainless steel alloys, high carbon steel wire, alloy steel or music wire, nickel base alloy wire, brass, and hard drawn wire. Exotic metals and their alloys with special properties and applications can also be specified for custom springs, stamping and wireforms. They include materials such as beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, Elgiloy, Hastelloy®, Inconel 600, 718 and x750 and many others.

Click here for information on RoHS, REACH, DFARS and Material Certifications.
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