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Catalog Section Starting Page PDF File Size
Guide to Lee Spring Part Numbers 4 38k
Specifications/Engineering Information 5 37k
Metric Conversion Table 5 37k
Conditions of Sale 5 37k
Spring Kits 6 90k
Stock Compression Springs
  Bantam™ Mini Series Overview 7 184k  
Bantam™ Mini Series (Inch) 9 184k
Bantam™ Mini Series (Metric) 12 60k
Instrument Series Overview 15 235k
Instrument Series (Inch) 17 235k
Instrument Series (Metric) 27 357k
Lite Pressure™ Overview 35 375k
Lite Pressure™ (Inch) 37 375k
Standard Series Overview 61 1.4mb
Standard Series (Inch) 63 1.4mb
Standard Series (Metric) 133 476k
Heavy Duty Series Overview 151 406k
Heavy Duty Series (Inch) 153 406k
High Pressure Series Overview 159 389k
High Pressure Series (Inch) 161 389k
Stock HEFTY™ Die Springs
HEFTY™ Overview 165 243k
HEFTY™ Medium Load Series 167 141k
HEFTY™ Medium Load Plus Series 170 96k
HEFTY™ Medium Heavy Load Series 172 102k
HEFTY™ Heavy Load Series 175 143k
HEFTY™ Extra Heavy Load Series 178 104k
HEFTY™ Spring Prices 181 396k
  Stock REDUX™ Wave Springs  
  REDUX™ Overview 187 220k  
Standard Series (Inch) 189 97k
  Standard Series (Metric) 197 98k  
Stock Belleville Spring Washers
Belleville Overview 205 526k
Standard Series (Inch) 208 526k
Stock Extension Springs
Instrument Series Overview 215 149k
Instrument Series (Inch) 217 69k
Instrument Series (Metric) 221 141k
Standard Series Overview 223 141k
Standard Series (Inch) 225 242k
Standard Series (Metric) 254 235k
Stock Torsion Springs
Torsion Overview 265 218k
90° Free Position (Inch) 268 54k
120° Free Position (Inch) 271 41k
180° Free Position (Inch) 272 55k
210° Free Position (Inch) 275 40k
270° Free Position (Inch) 276 54k
300° Free Position (Inch) 279 42k
360° Free Position (Inch) 280 54k
90° Free Position (Metric) 283 43k
180° Free Position (Metric) 285 43k
270° Free Position (Metric) 287 43k
360° Free Position (Metric) 289 43k
Specialty Stock Parts
  LeeP™ Plastic Composite Springs 291 194k  
Constant Force Springs 295 447k
Battery Springs 299 294k
Continuous Length Extension Springs 303 358k
  MIL-SPEC Overview 309 148k  
  MIL-SPEC Compression Springs 311 98k  
  MIL-SPEC Extension Springs 321 221k  
Custom Springs and Formed Wire Parts
Custom Springs Capabilities 331 66k
Compression Spring Specification Form 332 182k
Coned Compression Spring Specification Form 334 152k
  REDUX™ Wave Spring Specification Form 336 173k  
  LeeP™ Plastic Composite Spring Specification Form 338 135k  
Extension Spring Specification Form 340 284k
Coned Extension Spring Specification Form 342 149k
Drawbar Spring Specification Form 344 300k
Torsion Spring Specification Form 346 147k
  Constant Force Specification Form 348 155k  
Battery Spring Specification Form 350 222k
Belleville Washer Specification Form 352 131k
Wire Forms 354 100k
  Stampings 355 121k  
Fourslide Parts 356 98k
  Glossary of Spring Terminology 358 30k  
Regulatory Compliance and Certifications:
(RoHS, DFARS, Traceability, Mil Spec)
359 67k
  How to Order & Locations 360 422k  
Lee Spring Pricing
Stock Spring Prices Inside Back Cover 920k
Fax Purchase Order Form
Order Form   43k
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